Women’s Section
The women’s Section is divided into 2 units
(a)    Community Development Initiative for women
The programme aims at empowering women residents in urban and rural communities. Periodical empowerment is given out to needy members of the society in forms of training, sensitization, awareness creation and financial support.

(b)    Divine Economic Assistance Programme (DEAP) of GenDi
This scheme provides aims at reaching out to indigent and deserving women including widows who have the desire to improve their livelihood. Professionals in various fields are invited to give practical vocational trainings to women participating in this scheme. The training spans from learning the act of soap making, disinfectants, pomade, air freshener, candles, body lotion, air cream, Otapiapia (Rat Killer,)pastries, zobo and Kunu drink etc. These women sell these products to augment their meager family income after regulatory approvals have been obtained where necessary.

DEAP has a registered co-operative unit where members can assess small value loans to finance the trades they have learnt as mentioned above. These loans range from N1,000 to N50,000 (US$6.4- US$320). This has substantially improved the economic well being of women in this group.  The women group from time to time also called for a repeat of some vocational trainings embarked upon in the past.