As a way of preventing violence, we embark on mass campaign and rally through adequate partnership with various other organizations such as the child Protection Network. We sensitize and enlighten members of the public on various vices. We often take campaign to market places, schools etc. We believe that once people are well sensitized, they would educate their children and once we have well informed children, then violence would be reduced and peace would be instituted in our society.
As ways of reducing violence, we have taken a lot of rape cases to court.  We do work with communities involved and also seek support from Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development and work with them as a way of reducing rape cases and creating a violence free society. For instance, we have achieved a great millage in reducing incessant gang rape at Ago-Oko (Oke Ijeun). The menace has reduced drastically in the location since the prosecution of the most recent rape case in the area (2013).

GenDi members at 2014 Walk against Child Labour organized by ILO on 24th April, 24 at Abeokuta