Gender Development Initiative (GenDi) is a non-governmental organization committed to the empowerment of disadvantaged girls and women.  It is also committed to defending the rights of girls and women.

As part of our activities, we sensitize, prevent and respond to exploitation, abuse/violence and neglect: with commitment to ensuring protection of all children in our society. Our organization has started embarking on a television programme entitled ““Pinch of Talent” – “Ebun ti ko fara sin” which is presented in both Yoruba and English.

The Objectives of the Programme are to:
-    educate members of the society on the need to take proper care of their children and send them to school, most importantly the disable ones
-    showcase street children and other children in need who have been successfully rehabilitated and are doing great in the chosen endeavor.
-    showcase children with special talents including the disable children
-    encourage children to emulate successful stories elsewhere
-    persuade philanthropists to help the less privileged in the society.

“4” Kids TV Programme
was also used before now
The Programme “4 Kids” became necessary as a result of societal lack of awareness and implementation of the convention on the rights of the child in which the basic rights of children were highlighted. Hence “4 Kids” was used to enlighten members of the society on the need to be alive to the protection of the rights of children.

The actors were mainly children and youths; this, in addition to sensitizing them on their rights also helps in training them to take leadership roles at various levels. It also emboldens then in the art of public speaking, presentation, and audience management.

The programme enables children to be responsible to their rights. It was shown on NTA Ado Ekiti , Ekiti State Television (EKTV) Ado-Ekiti and NTA Abeokuta.