Peace Building

GenDi partner with many institutions as a way of ensuring peace in the society, GenDi currently collaborate with Citizens Right Department of Ministry of Justice, Society for Peace Studies and Practice and Innovative Initiative For Community Peace Building (formerly UNDP/IPCR) Network.

Of utmost importance to our Organization is the fact that we increase Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Among Children and Youth in School, Out of School and Street Children.
Notable among this is our campaign to communities and schools on protection of children from rape, street hawking activities, use of children for drug purposes etc. We believe that once children are at peace with themselves, then the society would be at peace.

We also intervene in the creation of an enabling environment for children to grow in a peaceful home environment devoid of conflict; through counseling and sensitization. As a way of ensuring a violence free society, we target street boys and other members of the society. For instance, we partnered in 2013 with other organizations at providing psycho-social support to over 140 children working in difficult situation.  We believe that the rights of everyone needs to be protected as a way of achieving peace in our society irrespective of their statuses

Working with Association of People Living with Disability and relevant agencies on advocacy (disability bill) as a way of ensuring Peace; visit to Law Makers (2014)