The capacity building opportunities that GenDi provide as well as its impact on society are truly remarkable.  It provides a forum where stakeholders are able to learn from one another and build long standing partnerships that are very crucial for development.  Our Organization is committed to the continuous strengthening of capacity of targeted groups for effective livelihood development for those in need.

Raising awareness and preventing child sexual abuse as part of the programmes of GenDi for school children

Children sitting round the GenDi and STACDI Team (Osse Mathew and Olayemi Olagboye) during the foundation laying of the community school in Asaya Lokooji area of Owode, Ogun state (picture shows school children on the permanent site)

In GenDi, more emphasis are laid on children due to the fact that we are still far from the society of our dream, to get there requires a radical change in the current system of child’s welfare services. This is based on the philosophy that children are impressionable and the society need to be aware that there are things that should not be done to them for the simple reason that they are tender. At GenDi, we believe that what makes children’s case special and to desire our attention is the combination of their inquisitiveness, sense of adventure, humanity and their youthful exuberance. We need to ask ourselves - do children have rights? This answer can be found in the Child’s Rights Act.

Organizational Goals are to:
1.    build up capacity for children and women
2.    empower disadvantaged children and women as well as groups
3.    defend the rights of children and women (gender advocacy), and creating awareness on the rights of the child
4.    organize and conduct training programmes and development programmes, seminars, lectures for organization, target groups and other relevant stakeholders aimed at ensuring a better life for children and women
5.    mobilize necessary support and input for children and women in times of natural calamities and undertake participation in disaster management and rehabilitation
6.    undertake and facilitate research initiatives in areas concerning children, women and their development
7.    organize and participate in national and international seminars, conferences, exhibition, fairs and produce literatures and audio-visuals; undertake publicity aimed at repositioning children and women