Gender Development Initiative (GenDi) is a Non–Governmental Organisation committed to the empowerment of disadvantaged children and women in our society.

The first vision started on July 16, 2006, as inspired by the outcome of the Ph.D research thesis of the Chairperson – a research on the socio-economic factors affecting girl-child empowerment in selected agrarian communities of Nigeria sponsored by CODESRIA (2005). Vision was further enhanced by interactions with a group of grass root women in Leme area of Abeokuta South Local Government Area.  Most importantly is our interaction with groups of young “street boys” in Lafenwa area of Abeokuta who were living on the street on their own; far away from members of their family and loved ones. Prior to this period, there were some forms of assistance to needy women here and there; though an un-coordinated efforts towards providing basic needs to needy individuals in the society.  As much as one tried, it became more and more evident that a lot more needed to be done.  Hence, the team stared mobilizing support for women and children.

Our Television series programme tagged “4 kids”/”nations’ treasure” is another turning point in the life of our organization as members of the community were sensitized on the rights of the child via a film production in series/serial episodes. This provided an avenue to showcase the rights of the child as children themselves lack adequate awareness on their rights.

Notable among our list of intervention is our encounter with a group of boys in Lafenwa area of Abeokuta in Ogun State, who are living full time on the street; away from parents and guardian. Meeting with D.L. (short abbreviation of name) was an eye opener to the high level of street activities among children as at least 15 children were in the custody of Mama Sunday who uses the children to peddle drugs. Law enforcements agents were brought in; but then there were set backs as the woman evaded arrest due to her mental state (according to information gotten from the Police). D.L was re-united back with his Parents and this led to follow up of other boys such as Ashipa (not real name) who is a custodian of at least 10 boys (tutelage). Ashipa left home at a young age of about 9 years but got re-united with his Mum some few days before she died in 2013.

So many more have been rescued by GenDi and put into vocational school and regular schooling progamme.
GenDi discovered the rising incidence in cases of children living on the street full time and decided to appeal to the conscience of parents through musicals, to take good care of their children. Hence, a musical auditioning exercise was carried out and 2 of the participants were chosen compose songs aimed at protecting children the more in our society.

From time to time, GenDi partner with some other organizations aimed at providing psycho-social support for children. It was during interactions with the street boys that the Organization discovered that some of these children possess musical and cultural talent e.g Adura was meant to be rehabilitated and sponsored for a musical project but GenDi was greeted with the news of his sudden death in December, 2013.

Many more children like Adura; some as young as 8 years and just like Adura were discovered on the street but there is need to provide a place for them to develop their God given potentials. The participation of our Organization in another Television programme tagged “Pinch of Talent” or Ebun ti o fara sin” aired in Yoruba and English languages revealed the numerous talents abounding in our children in general.

The Organization has discussed with many musicians but they fear the unknown and they have diplomatically refused taking the “street boys” in, as part of their team. 

Vision Statement
Uplifting the potentials in children and women

Mission Statement
Creating an enabling environment to enable men and women benefit on equal basis from social opportunities and strengthening institution capacity for girls and women.